The Lox Smart 2-in-1 Smart Cap

1) Designed for comfort and security, our velvet 2-in-1 smart wig grip/cap is the perfect addition to wear underneath a wig. The breathable smart cap features a seamless T-part and lace front from temple to temple, creating a natural finish underneath a wig.

2) It protects your wig lace from losing shape and product build such as make-up!

3) Fastened with Velcro at the nape, the adjustable and secure velvet band grips onto the wig for extra security.

4) The stretchy cap is made of soft material for sensitive skin, creating a comfortable and non-itchy barrier between scalp and wig. 

5) It is easy to flatten and hold your hair underneath securely before applying a wig. 

Important: Free shipping when combined with a wig purchase