Three images of a girl wearing a wig
Three images of Xephine wearing a Baldy Lox Boutique wig



Being diagnosed with alopecia is a difficult process to navigate through. If anything, we wish for our hair to grow back to how it was before we started losing it. I remember the first time I tried on a wig that mimicked my natural hair and it is a memory I will never forget! 
TikTok sensation @xephine posted an emotional video that has gone viral of her installing a Baldy Lox Boutique wig that looked similar to how her hair used to be as a child before alopecia.
The beautiful alopecian advocate explains how long she has waited to finally find a wig that mimics exactly what her unique curly texture used to be like. "I have had alopecia for the last 10 years," Xephine said. "You can see I have the hair loss through the centre of my head."

 Xephine explained to her followers that for the last 10 years she has wanted to have a wig that matched her natural hair texture and colour. She explains "Until today, I've never been able to."



"Today I received a package from Baldy Lox Boutique and I'm praying that today is the day that my life changes," she said. 

She mentioned how she had thought about cutting the rest of her hair off to take control of her alopecia "I've just been hanging onto, like, the hair I've got, as it's a scary thing," she said.

Xephine shared a picture of her hair as a child and said that she told herself that she'd proceed with shaving her hair off the day she found a wig that matched her hair texture. 

She took the wig out of the box and tried it on before installing it and was already amazed. "Oh my gosh, I haven't even cut the lace and it looks like this," she said. "I can't believe this."


She said that it's the first time she's ever became emotional while wearing a wig. "This is literally all I've dreamed of is having hair that's similar to my own before I lost majority of it," she said. 

Once installed, she said "I've never felt so overwhelmed with a wig," she ended the video stating. "This is the best wig that I've ever used. Ever."


The emotion in this post hit me hard because I know how it feels to truly feel a sense of hope.
I personally understand the emotions a wig can bring and how life changing it can be for many because not everyone is confident to truly embrace their beauty underneath our luxe wigs.  
Watching Xephine placing our wig onto her beautiful head is fundamentally why I started designing wigs in the first place. My brand is designed to enhance, not define, empowering all women and re-writing the stigma and norm of living with hair loss. All hair loss conditions are VALID, EQUAL and CATERED FOR.
Stephanie Barber


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