I'm going to let you in on a little secret. All those celebrity hairstyles we obsess over? Yes, well, guess what... 99.9% are wigs! Yes I said it, wigs! Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj should win awards for the amounts of times they have switched up their looks and not to mention the drastic changes from sleek brunettes to California blondes and then to pink bobs! Ariana Grandes signature sky high ponytail is a faux pony! And, honestly, it makes sense - how else would celebs be able to maintain healthy locks for red carpets, music videos and photoshoots without having a damaged hair breakdown? Well I have some fabulous news for you my friend: you can join in on the fun too! Whether you are looking for a new and inspired Kardashian look, a protective style or hair replacement, I am going to give you 6 easy steps to apply a wig and look snatched!
Step 1. Choose your wig type
You first need to figure out what your hair goals are. Do you simply want a protective style that is super easy to maintain and requires basically zero effort? Would you prefer to have a wig that's a bit more high-maintenance when it comes to care, but allows more versatility for styling it into a high Ariana Grande pony or a Kardashian Dutch braid? Or do you just want something that'll make your hair look as long as the Great Wall of China? Whatever your reason, it'll determine which wig option best fits your vibe.
There are two different types of human hair wigs you can pick from Baldy lox Boutique:
1. Lace-front wigs
Because of the lace closure, this option blends seamlessly with your hairline, making the wig look more realistic! This option also allows you to create many half up and half down dos - which is a massive hair trend. This is a perfect starter wig for beginners and it is cheaper than a full-lace wig.
2. Full-lace wigs
These are the Rolls Royce Phantoms of the world of wigs (aka what Beyonce Knowles puts on her head before she struts her Sasha Fierce on stage).The entire base of the wig is made up of lace. The lace is supposed to mimic the look of your scalp and you can wear the wig any way you want.
Step 2. Buy the right size
Very obvious but the most important thing to watch out before purchasing a wig! In fact so important that it should be number 1 on the list! The last thing you want to experience when your dream wig arrives is that it's either too small or too big! Trust me, I have been there and its heart breaking! Baldy Lox Boutique's wigs come with adjustable straps and come in different sizes customized to your individual needs, so its good to have your measurements on hand to get a nice fit! If you have hair, throw it into a low pony or braid it and use a cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. This not only gives you the correct measurement but it is exactly how you would need to style your bio hair under the wig. DO NOT measure with your hair down as this could add inches onto the cap size! Placing a wig cap on your head before measuring might also be just as important if you decide to wear one under the wig.
Step 3. Bleached Knots
This step is only for lace wigs. Here at Baldy Lox Boutique have already done this step for you! This is to create the illusion of the hair looking like its growing out of your scalp. The bleach process lightens up the the black knots on the lace (the knots is where the hair strands are tied onto the lace). Praise the Lord that adding foundation onto the lace to hide the knots is now a trend that no longer is required!
Step 4. Cutting the lace
Lace wigs come with a ton of excess lace, so you'll have to cut and shape it to fit your head. Baldy Lox recommends placing the wig on your head and outline your desired hairline with white eyeliner, as this is easy to see and can be removed effortlessly. Use sharp and small scissors to cut the lace. Cutting around the perimeter with tiny zig-zag motions creates more of a natural look rather than a harsh straight line.
Step 5. Pluck the wig
This is a step if you happen to buy a wig from a company and the hairline is too dense. Getting rid of the excess hair around the hairline creates more of that natural look. Nobody wants a 'wiggy wig' unless that is a look you like to go for. Plucking your wig with a tweezer will make it less bulky, so it looks more like a natural hairline. Here at Baldy Lox Boutique we specialise in creating that snatched and natural look! All of our wig hairlines come pre-plucked and we can also offer you a unit with baby hairs!
Proceed with caution! Make sure you are plucking the hairs and not hacking the lace. Going overboard can lead to uneven bald spots.
"Always pluck sparingly around the hair line and slightly further back because no one has a perfect hairline!"
Step 6. Place and secure the wig
Now you can officially place that crown on your beautiful head. You can secure it with hair spray, gel or for that extra hold; wig glue Or tape. To promote lace longevity it is recommended to apply wig tape or holding spray such as 'Got2Be Hair Spray Glued' simply because it is not only kinder to your skin but easy to wash out! To help lay the lace down, a head band or even a dressing gown tie will do the trick. Simply tie it around the perimeter of the lace and hold it there for 10 minuets. To speed up the process you can dry it with a hair dryer! Tools such as a comb or an edge control brush is great for laying those cute baby hairs down!