"It's to enhance, not define."

 Welcome to the ultimate haven of hair. Here is where we create the best designer luxé units ever made, crafted to perfection.

Baldy Lox Boutique is a growing online retail store who specialises in designing realistic human hair wigs. Founded in 2022 in the UK by Stephanie Barber, it has become a leading online hair retailer, taking an agile approach that sees it deliver luxury wigs to its customers on a global scale, currently, totalling 63 countries. Stephanie has designed wigs for people with all walks of life including those with many forms or hair loss, celebrities and people who simply want to change up their appearance.

 Hair in the beauty industry has a tremendous impact on the perception of someone’s appearance, but here at BLB, we believe that people with a hair loss condition should not only embrace their hair loss but also have the opportunity to experience beautiful hair styles.

Like fashion and makeup, our hair brand is designed 'to enhance your beauty, not define it'. Empowering people is our number one goal. We encourage people to express themselves with hair and challenge the stigma of living with a hair loss condition. All hair loss conditions are VALID. All hair loss conditions are TREATED EQUALLY. All hair loss conditions are CATERED FOR.



Stephanie Barber is the woman behind Baldy Lox Boutique – the bespoke wig brand shaking up the narrative around female hair loss and inspiring women to feel empowered and own their unique beauty, through its ground-breaking range of ultra-luxe wigs and supportive community. 

The motivation for Baldy Lox Boutique is a personal one. Female founder and CEO, Stephanie, started to lose her hair at just 17 due to an autoimmune condition called Alopecia Areata. Dealing with the shock and emotional trauma that came with sudden hair loss was a lot to navigate at such a young age. Living in a small town in Devon, Stephanie felt isolated and became very depressed. Encouraged by her supportive fiancé, she went online for support and found an incredible community of girls and women who were going through the same thing and managing the same feelings. 

The positivity and confidence of this uplifting online community inspired Stephanie, then 20, to embrace her own hair loss journey online, advocating and raising awareness for the community where she’d found so much support. What started as a small Instagram account soon exploded, and Stephanie was astounded by the number of women connecting with her and sharing their own stories of hair loss. 

Stephanie was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from other women navigating hair loss, who described how her Instagram page had transformed the way they viewed themselves. By raising awareness and breaking down the stigma around female hair loss, Stephanie was helping women to feel inspired and empowered.  

As this online community grew, Stephanie was introduced to the world of wigs and the confidence-boosting power they can give to some women experiencing hair loss. Her vision was to create a safe space for women, like herself, to design their dream hair in the comfort of their own home. 

To help fund her start-up, Stephanie decided to make a huge sacrifice and sell all of her personal wigs to raise money. As she explains:

“This left me nothing to wear on my head, but I was so determined and ready to waive my own comfort to build my vision of helping others.” Stephanie Barber, CEO of Baldy Lox Boutique

After years of research and many sleepless nights, Stephanie finally launched Baldy Lox Boutique and her first wig collection in May 2022. 

But what about the name? Inspiringly upbeat, Stephanie has always tried to embrace humour and shine a positive light on living with hair loss. Her sister has always affectionately called her Baldy Locks. There really was only one choice when it came to her Instagram handle and, eventually, her trailblazing business.

Baldy Lox Boutique’s high-end, super-realistic wigs quickly went viral on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, leading to a large, organic following and many celeb fans.

At the heart of the brand is a passion for helping women with hair loss re-experience confidence and an ethos of ‘to enhance, not define,’ through its collection of ready-to-wear human hair wigs, custom orders and design your own wigs or toppers. Baldy Lox Boutique believes strongly that women who have a hair condition should have the opportunity to experience beautiful hairstyles, but most importantly feel able to embrace their beauty without a wig.