"From the product range, to the hook, the messaging and the talent - every single element of this campaign defines BLB as a brand"


The word ‘BEAUTY’ has changed its meaning through different eras intime, from Ancient Egypt to the modern day. Perceptions surrounding beauty and body types not only vary by culture but have evolved significantly throughout history.

Hair in the beauty industry has a tremendous impact on the perception of someone’s appearance, but here at Baldy Lox Boutique we believe that people with a hair loss condition should not only embrace their hair loss but also have the opportunity to experience beautiful hair styles.

Like fashion and makeup, BLB is a hair brand designed 'to enhance your beauty, not define it'. Empowering people is our number one goal. We encourage people to express themselves with hair and challenge the stigma of living with a hair loss condition. All hair loss conditions are VALID. All hair loss conditions are TREATED EQUALLY. All hair loss conditions are CATERED FOR.

We as a brand want to change the way the hair industry defines beauty. Sadly losing hair is a difficult process for anyone to navigate through and even though wigs allow us to express ourselves in many ways, it is essential we capture the beauty of hair loss. Rather than taking a clinical approach (which sadly in our community we see quite often) I wanted to create a high-end editorial showcasing the beauty and talent within the hair loss community with an enthesis on body positivity. I surround myself with positive role models and take great inspiration from all the wonderful people I see across social media that are banging the drums and raising awareness for our community. As a women living with a hair loss condition, I wanted to replicate that in such a way and I feel it is my responsibility as a wig brand to approach this campaign delicately but ultimately to empower people with all types of hair loss conditions.