Bella Turbans Home

We all know that wigs are an investment especially if you are looking for the most realistic and luxurious kind but I have to dedicate this little blog to a company that has really helped my confidence leaving my front door wigless!

Bella Turbans is a company that designs the most beautiful turbans on the market. I really want to make this known that these turbans are simply not just made for those with hair loss! I have never felt more freely leaving my front door wearing one of these beauties or when the postman turns up and thankfully I am not racing to find my woolly hat or hooded coat in the middle of summer.

 From the moment I placed one of these on my bald head, I immediately felt empowered and I can honestly say that I would highly recommend buying one of these stunning creations. 

Not only that but the convenience is insane! You can literally put your make up on and pop one of these on your head!

These are 100% a must have accessory handmade with love!